Reflecting on week 5

In reflecting week 5, I have to admit that I  had to read the learning path over and over again till I got my head around on what I am required to do in stage 3. With stage 3, I have made sure that my planning ensures that students have from knowing to doing and by sequencing my unit plan to ensure it also moves students from constructing knowledge by learning about facts and procedures and enable them to transform their learning through meaning making.

I was reading Christine’s blog post and I found the article ‘Theory of knowledge influencing ICT practices in the International Baccalaureate Curriculum’ very interesting. Thanks for sharing the article Christine. In my unit planning I have been using Bloom’s taxonomy which I found it as a useful way to determine the type of knowledge that is being developed through the Australian curriculum content descriptors.


ICT rich learning experiences

As I have been looking through different sources to form my ideas for my lesson plan, I have been using Scootle, Learning place, Primary Connections-for science, Australian curriculum lessons and not forgetting google. I have used the Australian Curriculum website and have made changes into my unit plan that I will be teaching.

With my unit planning I have been researching ways to find rich learning experiences and also using my own ideas to provide students with opportunities to engage with ICT’s in various ways to enhance their learning. I will be using the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to develop learning experiences to support moving students in their learning from simple to complex.

I was inspired by this post by Rebecca Franks where she talked about using ICT’s to help children communicate.

Primary connections- 5E’s Teaching and Learning Model

I will be using an inquiry based learning by using the 5E’s teaching and learning model to develop my unit plan for foundation year level for science. The 5E’s teaching and learning model will support students learning and engagement in science. The Primary connections unit has five phases that are: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

As explained by Noeni, each phase has a specific function. This model plays a significant role in the curriculum development process. I have also been using the 5E’s model in my other unit which is EDX2190 – Australian History and Geography: Curriculum and Pedagogy of which most of you might be doing it too. I believe that the 5E’s model engages the students in content which is significant to their learning. It also incorporates multiple learning styles and involves the students to meet their needs by interacting and developing new ideas.

Please feel free to visit the Primary connection and look at the 5E’s teaching and learning model.

PCK- Pedagogical Content Knowledge

What is PCK? PCK is an abbreviation of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Now let me break down the words…

1. Pedagogical- The art/science of teaching

Watkins and Mortimer cites as : “any conscious activity

2. Content- Describe the information

3. Knowledge- Condition of knowing something gained through experience

Pedagogical content knowledge as per my understanding include’s the teacher’s knowledge about how to make connections between what to teach and the best way to teach in their daily planning and implementation of lessons.

PCK will allow the teachers to provide education that engages and stimulates students learning.

Please read this article by Watkins and Mortimer as I found it really useful as it explains the pedagogy and models of teacher knowledge.

The Backward design formula which is:

Curriculum + Assessment + Pedagogy = Quality learning

I also found this Youtube clip very useful as it provides a clear explanation about Backward design.

Prior to become a teacher, I will definitely be using the backward design model to create lessons and also use it in my professional experience as well.

Reflecting on Week 4

I feel like I am falling behind as I haven’t started looking at assessment 2. As assessment one that was due on the 27.3.15, I also had another assessment for history and geography unit which was due on the 30.3.15. Today I went through week 4’s learning path again as when I read it during week 4 I was still focusing on assessment 1. This morning I read through week 4 of which I will be designing a small unit plan that will aim to amplify and transform learning experiences with ICT.

My initial idea after reading week 4 learning path is to develop a unit plan for foundation year for science.

Constructing knowledge:

Science understanding: Daily and seasonal changes in our environment, including the weather, affect everyday life. (ACSSU004)

Transforming knowledge:

Science understanding skills: Share observations and ideas. (ACSIS012).

I am in the same boat as Jessica Smith, as I also need to research on how I will incorporate ICT into my science unit for foundation year level.

The Robot Tour

In our history and geography class on the 30.3.15, we were taken into a virtual tour by the Australian National Museum which is in Canberra. It was amazing to see the Robot and the tour guide interacting with the program. The museum robot would get us close to the artefacts to enable us to view the information about the items via the panoramic camera.

As a teacher i would use this in my classroom and my future teaching. The virtual tour is free and you will have to make an appointment. Teachers and parents could book a virtual tour by making an appointment and choose the topic that they would like to explore. I think the technology will allow teachers and the students to explore the museum with out going for an excursion.

For more information, click on the link below.

My web based artefact- Assignment 1

Hello everyone,

I have finally completed my Artefact for EDC3100 Assignment 1.

Please click here to view My web based Artefact. 

My Artefact was for parents in Year 2 class. This was my very first assignment which didn’t get me to use a word document or a powerpoint. I wondered how someone would create a website and never thought or researched on how to create one. This unit created more possibilities for me to learn how to create a website. I had a few technical problems while i was creating my artefact but with more practice by the end was all good.