Reflection -end of week two

I have used ICT in some of my lessons e.g for spelling and Maths and they have so far been successful. I will be using the Interactive whiteboard for tomorrow’s English lesson. I am really enjoying to use the Interactive whiteboard with Year 1. Just as Anita, I have got an amazing mentor teacher who always guides me and I’m grateful to have her as my mentor as i’m learning so much from her.

As the classroom do not have computer for the children, we have been going to the computer lab. My mentor teacher booked one session before I started my prac to introduce the students on how to use computers. We started going to the computer lab sessions on my first week of prac to get the students to log in and log out of the computer. The students took so long in getting the concept right as some students were getting the password wrong. The second week (on Friday) we had another computer lab session where the students had their own user name and password to log in. This time only a few had problems in typing the correct passwords. I wanted the students to explore paint but unfortunately we ran out of time.

As the students have got the concept of log in and log out, I will plan an activity for them to explore paint.


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