End of week 1.

This week has been busy but amazing. I have a lovely Year 1 class which has 22 children. My first week has been really busy getting to know the students, their names, teachers and the availability of ICT in the classroom/school. My mentor teacher is really nice and the students are really calm however there are some that are challenging.

This is my first prac in a school. You would have imagined how I would feel when I went for my first visit plus day one. I was so nervous but being in the childcare setting for more that three years has really helped. This week the students were assessed but I have also been able to run my own sessions. The school has a computer lab and an interactive whiteboard. We have been using the projector in the classroom and it has been really rewarding as the children are really engaged. I found a great resource which shows how we could use the interactive whiteboard in multiple ways. Please click here.


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