PCK- Pedagogical Content Knowledge

What is PCK? PCK is an abbreviation of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Now let me break down the words…

1. Pedagogical- The art/science of teaching

Watkins and Mortimer cites as : “any conscious activity

2. Content- Describe the information

3. Knowledge- Condition of knowing something gained through experience

Pedagogical content knowledge as per my understanding include’s the teacher’s knowledge about how to make connections between what to teach and the best way to teach in their daily planning and implementation of lessons.

PCK will allow the teachers to provide education that engages and stimulates students learning.

Please read this article by Watkins and Mortimer as I found it really useful as it explains the pedagogy and models of teacher knowledge.

The Backward design formula which is:

Curriculum + Assessment + Pedagogy = Quality learning

I also found this Youtube clip very useful as it provides a clear explanation about Backward design.

Prior to become a teacher, I will definitely be using the backward design model to create lessons and also use it in my professional experience as well.


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