Reflecting on Week 4

I feel like I am falling behind as I haven’t started looking at assessment 2. As assessment one that was due on the 27.3.15, I also had another assessment for history and geography unit which was due on the 30.3.15. Today I went through week 4’s learning path again as when I read it during week 4 I was still focusing on assessment 1. This morning I read through week 4 of which I will be designing a small unit plan that will aim to amplify and transform learning experiences with ICT.

My initial idea after reading week 4 learning path is to develop a unit plan for foundation year for science.

Constructing knowledge:

Science understanding: Daily and seasonal changes in our environment, including the weather, affect everyday life. (ACSSU004)

Transforming knowledge:

Science understanding skills: Share observations and ideas. (ACSIS012).

I am in the same boat as Jessica Smith, as I also need to research on how I will incorporate ICT into my science unit for foundation year level.


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