My web based artefact- Assignment 1

Hello everyone,

I have finally completed my Artefact for EDC3100 Assignment 1.

Please click here to view My web based Artefact. 

My Artefact was for parents in Year 2 class. This was my very first assignment which didn’t get me to use a word document or a powerpoint. I wondered how someone would create a website and never thought or researched on how to create one. This unit created more possibilities for me to learn how to create a website. I had a few technical problems while i was creating my artefact but with more practice by the end was all good.


8 thoughts on “My web based artefact- Assignment 1

  1. Hi Tejal,
    Unfortunately I tried the link to your assignment but it took me to the login page instead. Not sure if it’s happening to others?
    Hope it works out.


      1. I just wrote another one and now I can’t find that one either! I don’t know what’s going on 😦 Can you see my blog ‘Against all odds or Against all odd #2?


  2. I can’t find any of your blog post about ‘Against all odds’ / ‘Against all odd 2’. All I can see from your wordpress blog is your last blog about your concept map. When i logged into feedly, I could not see your name or blog in the list.I wonder where your blog is gone.Maybe log out of wordpress and try login again. I will keep checking to see if it appears and get back to you when i see the post.


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