Using iPads in the classroom engages student to not only use the digital technology but also to extend their learning in the classroom. The use of App’s extends children’s learning outcomes in Literacy and Mathematics and other key learning areas of development. Students use iPad in the classroom to develop new ways of learning.  In my classroom, I like using the iPad to engage students to develop their thinking, engage in group work to collaborate with their peers etc and some of the other educational App’s that the children engage to explore individually.

Today we started using iPad’s for parents to sign their children in and out digitally. We placed two iPad’s at the front desk where parents used to sign in and out manually but today I was surprised to see that all the parents had to sign in and out using the iPad. I really enjoyed using the iPad as an educator where i had to sing my self in and out for my working hours. It was really amazing!  I was reading Courtney’s post ‘https://feedly.com/i/subscription/feed/https://courtneytaylored.wordpress.com/feed/’ and found ‘Analysing iPad Myths in Education’ very interesting. I think in this digital world, iPad would definitely be beneficial to use in a classroom as it offers new opportunities for children’s learning and development.


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