My previous knowledge about ICT.

With my previous studies, i have learnt different ways of using ICT in a classroom. I had engaged with different software application such as using  iMovie, Podcast and Garageband used in Mac. As i am a Mac person, i like to explore all the applications which gives me the opportunity to engage children to develop their skills to effectively use ICT to contribute to their world. These software applications are used to encourage children’s thinking and give them the opportunity to problem solve while providing the teachers with a window into children’s development (Roschelle, Pea, Hoadley, Gordin, Doughlas & Means, 2000).

I also came across Studyladder which is an online program that is used in schools to make learning more exciting and engaging for the children. Parents can also be part of their children’s learning by signing up and have access to help their child to reinforce what they have been taught in the classroom. My son who is in Year 3 came home yesterday and said that i needed to signup for Studyladder. I was surprised to see that he has access to his login details at school and showed me how to navigate and access all the learning content in that website. Every day after school he spends some time logging into the Studyladder website and engaging with all the tasks that have been set by the teachers. To access study ladder please visit


Roschelle, Jeremy M; Pea, Roy D; Hoadley, Christopher M; Gordin, Doughlas N; Means, Barbara M. (2000) Changing how and what children learn in school with computer-based technologies. The future of children, 10 (2), 76-101.


3 thoughts on “My previous knowledge about ICT.

  1. Hi Tejal,
    Thank you for providing that link to Studyladder. My children are in grade 2 and 4 but I have not heard of this website until now. I think it is great that schools are using this as a tool to get parents more involved in their children’s studies. It might even make the homework experience for families more enjoyable?
    Thanks again, Krystal 🙂


  2. Hi Krystal,
    I liked your idea about children doing their homework online rather than printing worksheets to be sent home every week. Imagine 3-4 worksheets sent home for 22 – 25 children that would be very costly and time consuming too.


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