Spelling city

As I am aware that some of you or most of you must have finished your prac by now. I just wanted to share a really great online resource that I used during my prac. Spelling city was one of the online resource that I used during my last week of prac. I used the IWB and typed in all the spelling words for that week and then clicked on the spelling test during the students spelling test session.

The students really enjoyed listening to their spelling words and sentences on the IWB. I’m sure some of you might have used this resource during your prac. If you have not used this resource before, I would strongly recommend you to look at it. Some of you might have kids of school age, it will be beneficial to practice the spelling test at home using spelling city.


Using ICTs

I was amazed to see how the children loved when it came to using/ teaching using ICTs in the classroom. My mentor used the IWB everyday for warm ups in the morning. I also used the powerpoint slides every morning for warm ups during my last week of prac. The children were really engaged and all of them participated really well.

Maria mentions in her blog post that she had the amazing mentor and I would also agree with her that I had the best mentor too. After prac I felt that I have learn so much from her. Also not forgetting the other teachers such as the P.E teacher, music teacher and the library teacher etc were the best too. We would some day hold a session in the morning and talk/ discuss about the content/ a topic and how to teach that content. Overall, my mentor teacher always gave me feedback after every lesson and i would discuss how it went/ maybe suggest on how I would do it better next time.

Reflection -end of week two

I have used ICT in some of my lessons e.g for spelling and Maths and they have so far been successful. I will be using the Interactive whiteboard for tomorrow’s English lesson. I am really enjoying to use the Interactive whiteboard with Year 1. Just as Anita, I have got an amazing mentor teacher who always guides me and I’m grateful to have her as my mentor as i’m learning so much from her.

As the classroom do not have computer for the children, we have been going to the computer lab. My mentor teacher booked one session before I started my prac to introduce the students on how to use computers. We started going to the computer lab sessions on my first week of prac to get the students to log in and log out of the computer. The students took so long in getting the concept right as some students were getting the password wrong. The second week (on Friday) we had another computer lab session where the students had their own user name and password to log in. This time only a few had problems in typing the correct passwords. I wanted the students to explore paint but unfortunately we ran out of time.

As the students have got the concept of log in and log out, I will plan an activity for them to explore paint.

End of week 1.

This week has been busy but amazing. I have a lovely Year 1 class which has 22 children. My first week has been really busy getting to know the students, their names, teachers and the availability of ICT in the classroom/school. My mentor teacher is really nice and the students are really calm however there are some that are challenging.

This is my first prac in a school. You would have imagined how I would feel when I went for my first visit plus day one. I was so nervous but being in the childcare setting for more that three years has really helped. This week the students were assessed but I have also been able to run my own sessions. The school has a computer lab and an interactive whiteboard. We have been using the projector in the classroom and it has been really rewarding as the children are really engaged. I found a great resource which shows how we could use the interactive whiteboard in multiple ways. Please click here.


Connect.ed helped me learn more about online safety. I became more confident and able to understand how to use the resources to help student stay safe online. All the modules on the cybersafety were all very useful. I had made some notes while I was going through the activities. As I was reading Kristy’s blog, I also found that we were thinking the same as we both thought the website was very useful and made some notes.

As preservice teacher/future teacher, it’s our responsibility to become familiar with cyber bullying and to be able to help the students avoid problems that may arise. Here is my certificate.

Assignment 2 is over!

I am really happy to say that Assignment 2 is over. All Done and Dusted! After submitting my assignment last night all I did after that was to put my laptop away and had some rest. After that I was imagining myself sitting all weekend doing EDC3100 assignment 2 and EDX2190 assignment 2-(some of you might also be doing this unit) as they were both due on the same day.

I would also admit that I had to change my lesson plan twice just as Krystal as I also had some mixed ideas and thoughts. I have to admit that i have been working on the assignment a lot all weekend and all day on Monday. After finishing both assignments I had to take a short break then proof read to check if all was ok then submitted the assignment.

I felt a little bit relieved after clicking on the submit button….Now let’s look at part B of the assignment .

Formative and Summative assessment

Formative assessment

Formative assessment is to monitor students learning and to be able to give individual feedback to each student.

  • help students identify where they need improvement

Summative assessment

It is conducted at the end of the teaching and gather evidence of learning.

  • progress towards the end of the unit.

So for my unit plan I have been using formative assessment continuously and have used summative assessment at the end of the lesson. When doing my lesson plan, I had to look on what formative and summative assessment was in order to plan the assessments for my lesson plan.

For example for my science unit plan, I have used KWL where students record what they know, what would they like to know and at the end what they have learnt. I had to look at Assessment -Education Queensland to get some understanding of what formative and summative assessment was. If you are not sure of what formative and summative assessment is, please visit the website as it had also got some information on what we want to assess.